The International Women’s Club of Montenegro met informally for several years, where it served as means for local and foreign women to meet socially and share resources. In 2009, the IWCM took the steps to become a registered Non-governmental Organization (NGO). Now the IWCM joins the ranks of hundreds of International Women’s Clubs around the globe who meet and work together for the betterment of their communities.

    The activities of the Club include:
  • Establishment of contact with members of the international community who permanently or temporarily reside in Montenegro and their willingness to participate in activities of the Club, and for the sake of realizing the goals proclaimed by this Statute;

  • Organization of social and humanitarian events for the sake of realizing permanent and temporary humanitarian and social projects;

  • Raising of funds for humanitarian and social projects;

  • Organization of various types of events and appropriate gatherings for its members

  • Promotion of the activities of the club;

  • Organization of regular social and cultural events for the members of the international community;

  • Co-operation with other organizations that share its goals.


The International Women’s club is a non-profit organization with the following objectives: to welcome and connect newcomers of the international community who are temporarily or permanently residing in Montenegro; to contribute to the well-being of international women and Montenegrin citizens through the realization of humanitarian and social projects, as well as to promote the development of good relations between women in the international community and the host country, in order to increase their knowledge of the people and culture of Montenegro.
The club organizes regular social and cultural events for the members of the international community.

Members can participate in as many activities as they choose – they can join the Managing Board, they can form (and participate in) sub-committees and groups, they can take part in club sponsored events and activities.
The club currently has about 35 members from many different countries. The common language is English. The IWCM membership year runs from January to December; new members are welcome all year round.


Heather Worley Torrance
Heather Worley TorrancePresident
Zorica Miskovic- Pavicevic
Zorica Miskovic- PavicevicVice President
Emira Hrnjic- Larson
Emira Hrnjic- LarsonPR Coordinator
(Bosnia and Herzegovina/USA)
 Anela Paparevic-Felegyhazi
Anela Paparevic-Felegyhazi Website & social media Coordinator/ Photographer
(Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia/Hungary)
Maya Tomanovic
Maya TomanovicSocial Coordinator
Ramajana Mabita
Ramajana MabitaTreasurer
(Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Belgium)
Tuya Purvee
Tuya PurveeMember at large
Enisa Murseli- Gjokaj
Enisa Murseli- GjokajMembership Coordinator
Tracy Janjević
Tracy Janjević
Vesna Miranović
Vesna Miranović
Nina Djuranović
Nina DjuranovićGeneral Assembly President